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How Do You Eat Yours? The return of the Crème Egg - The Ice Cream Farm

How Do You Eat Yours? The return of the Crème Egg

With Easter only a week away, it can only mean one thing… The return of the Crème Egg!

Every year we celebrate the reappearance by creating a truly eggciting concoction… Our delicious Crème Egg ice cream! This seasonal favourite hits The Parlour and Mini Ice Cream Farm at Cheshire Oaks from Thursday, 24th March, just in time for Easter. With only a limited amount made, be careful not to miss out.

Creme Egg

Whilst you wait for that clock to tick, we’ll tell you exactly how Great Britain’s obsession with the fancy, fondant-filled egg came about.

In 1824 John Cadbury opened up a shop in Birmingham, where he sold a variety of drinks including tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate. Cadbury gained some success with his shop and opened up a chocolate and cocoa factory in 1831 with his brother in order to produce more drinking chocolate.

In 1847 Joseph Fry, a competitor of Cadbury’s, began experimenting with making moldable chocolate bars. This sparked Cadbury’s experimentation in moldable chocolate, and in 1875 Cadbury created the first chocolate egg filled with sugary treats.

By 1919 Cadbury and Fry had merged their companies, and in 1923 they created the very first chocolate eggs filled with cream… And for that we say thank you, kind sirs.


Crème Egg Fact File:

Did you know there have been 26 varieties of Crème Eggs over the years?

Cadbury’s make £200m a year in Crème Egg sales alone!

The world record for the fastest Crème Egg eaten is just 8.65 seconds… Can you beat this?

600,000 Crème Eggs are made in a 12-hour shift at the Cadbury’s Factory.

One Crème Egg contains 2% of your recommended daily allowance of calcium… Does that mean they’re healthy?

Our Crème Egg ice cream is made with only the real deal, so our poor Cheshire Farm Ice Cream team have to pain stakingly unwrap each Crème Egg before it can go into our secret recipe ice cream!

So the countdown is on until you can get your hands on our celebration of the humble Crème Egg… Visit The Parlour or Mini Ice Cream Farm from Thursday, 24th March to show us how you eat yours!

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