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What's On - The Ice Cream Farm
Fancy getting your hands on some Tropical Ginger Ninja Sorbet?! - The Ice Cream Farm

Fancy getting your hands on some Tropical Ginger Ninja Sorbet?!

Have you heard the news? The new Tropical Ginger Ninja sorbet has taken its place alongside our other yummy flavours in the Parlour. But hold up, this is no ordinary sorbet; it has been designed and produced as part of The Queens Lower School Business Enterprise project.  Mia and her team from year 5, wasted no time in getting their creative hats on and taking to the kitchen… We hope they had the famous ‘Frozen’ soundtrack on in the background to get in the spirit!

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Staying true to the project, the girls were able to create their sorbet by spending £4.41 of their £5 on the ingredients and then they were on to the more difficult challenge of turning this into profit. We know what you’re thinking… How did they possibly manage to get their sorbet into production at one of the most famous attractions in the area?! Well, the girls wrote to our director, Mr Fell and clearly captured his attention as the fabulous five-some then went on to meet with the creative team behind all the other mouth-watering flavours at Cheshire Farm Ice Cream.


If all this wasn’t exciting enough, all the money raised in the process will be split between the RSPCA and the Hospice of the Good Shepherd, as decided by the Queen’s School pupils.

So what are you waiting for? Come and see us, especially in this sunny weather… You need to try the tropically tasty sorbet and donate to charity while you’re at it!

You’ll find the Topical Ginger Ninja Sorbet in The Parlour