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A Super Sundae of ‘I Scream’ History - The Ice Cream Farm

A Super Sundae of ‘I Scream’ History

Super Sundae… I’m sure we’ve all caught ourselves singing along to the popular childhood chant of the 70s, ‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!’ Whether this was through school, at home or perhaps to express your excitement for the ice cream you were about to eat, but we doubt many of you have actually stopped to think about where this phrase actually came from… I mean, why would you?


Well, hopefully this has captured your attention and you can now feed those intrigued minds.  There seems to be two popular opinions as to where the chant originated from. The first, quite predictably states that it was a commercial slogan for a particular ice cream product. This product, depending on age, might be familiar; it was the iconic Eskimo Pie, originally called the I-Scream bar. This product holds great historic importance in itself as before it, ice cream had never been delivered in such a convenient package for the mass-market.


Some sources don’t attribute the phrase to Nelson, creator of the I-Scream bar and instead believe that the chant originated in the song ‘I scream – You scream – We All Scream for ICE CREAM’, which was written in 1927 by Billy Moll, Robert King, and Howard Johnson. This song became a Dixieland Jazz standard, and was favoured by such important outfits as the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, of New Orleans. Therefore, it may seem more reasonable to suggest that Nelson used these lyrics for his slogan after the song had become popular. This would therefore give reason to why he changed the name of the I-Scream bar to Eskimo Bar, as he was sceptical of the staying power the name I-Scream had, echoing the rise and fall common in the music industry.

Interesting hey? Whichever way around it came about, the rhyme has definitely stuck! Since then, there have been a number of musical recordings about ice cream. As it turns out there are easily more than a thousand songs, albums and bands all about ice cream.  Perhaps you will remember, ‘Banana Split for My Baby’ by Louis Prima or ‘Ice Cream Man’ by Jonathon Richman and The Modern Lovers? If not, how about a bit of ‘Peaches N Cream’ by Snoop Dogg or ‘Strawberry Bubblegum’ by Justin Timberlake, who’s titles name just a couple of the delightful flavours we have here at The Farm… Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more song lyrics about the popular delicacy that is, Ice Cream.

There’s the next game for the long car journeys… Who can come up with the best chant for our magical world here at The Farm? Thank us later!