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What's On - The Ice Cream Farm
Si and Sean's Favourite Day Out - The Ice Cream Farm

Si and Sean's Favourite Day Out

With our 50 flavours of ice cream, funtastic play areas and adorable farm animals, it’s no wonder that The Ice Cream Farm is a favourite one-stop destination for families.

For some of you, a trip every so often simply isn’t enough! Si Oldfield and his son Sean enjoyed their trip to The Ice Cream Farm last summer so much that they now visit three times a week. Here Si tells us why they love visiting us so much.

It all started with the magical ice cream tree that sits in the middle of Daisy’s Garden play area. As soon as Sean and I spotted the snow drifting from the branches, we knew that we’d found a special place to spend time together.

The variety of different activities and the best team of staff I’ve ever come across make The Ice Cream Farm stand out from anywhere else. Everyone is so happy and helpful and it’s great that we’ve got to know so many people there too.

We have a Play Pass which enables us to visit so frequently and make the most of all the attractions on offer. We recently discovered The Loft arcade where we enjoy playing on the retro games machines. Sean can’t wait to try out the Jelly Drop inflatable slide as he mentions it every week. We’ll have to wait until he’s a little taller first though!

Sean’s ultimate favourite activity, however, is racing on the quads at Silvercone track. In recognition of Sean’s passion for zooming around the track, the people at The Ice Cream Farm named a quad after him. He did over 250 laps in February alone…step aside, Lewis Hamilton!

Of course, a pro racing driver in the making needs to refuel. The scrumptious Chocolate Fudge Cookie ice cream is Sean’s flavour of choice. Yum!

People can see the many fun activities Sean does at the Ice Cream Farm on Facebook and I’m always showing off his photos and videos. Thank you all for making the time I have with my son so enjoyable and memorable. That to me is priceless.

We love that The Ice Cream Farm has become such a special place for Si and Sean and we always look forward to seeing them enjoy everything that we have to offer.