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What's On - The Ice Cream Farm
Mythical Mayhem at the Farm - The Ice Cream Farm

Mythical Mayhem at the Farm

Here at the Ice Cream Farm, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring the magic to your visit. Well this summer, we are SUPER excited to be announcing the arrival of our brand-new Playhouse! Set up next to our Silvercone track, three tipis have been specially designed to host a super exciting an, enchanting treat for everyone!

Over the past few months, we have been working with Pop Up Entertainment and created our very own legendary shows called “Mythical Mayhem at the Farm”. The mythological themed shows have been specially designed, just for The Ice Cream Farm, and will all be taking place at The Playhouse.

Running all through June, the 35 minutes shows will be on 4 times a day, and really aren’t to be missed! The shows will include mystical mermaids and fascinating fairies that will be performing a truly unforgettable show. From singing to dancing as well as audience interaction, there really is something for everyone.

As well as the exciting shows running through the summer holidays, we also have a very special and enchanting themed performance lined up for later in the year!

Why don’t you join our first show and see Cherry the Mermaid and all her mythical friends fight the cheeky pirates to keep the magic alive? Your whole day, and your little ones too, will be filled with excitement, it really is a show that is not be missed.


To book tickets to our toe tapping show, follow this link:


We look forward to seeing you there!