Fudge Farm - The Ice Cream Farm

Fudge Farm

Daisy and her friends just love having visitors. So much so that we have designed a whole farm for them to play in so that you can call by and say hello. We have made sure that all of our furry, feathery and four legged friends have everything they need to enjoy their life at The Ice Cream Farm, including plush ranch-style farm buildings that look so comfy, we wouldn’t mind staying in there too. Learn about what its like to look after farm animals and pets, from discovering where they live and what they like to eat, to what they like to get up to in the day time. Whether they are happily resting in their houses or frolicking in the fields, they can’t wait to meet you. Don’t forget to check out the view while you’re down there and see which castles you can spot!

 - The Ice Cream Farm

Meet Chuggy

Chuggy has been helping us down on the farm for many years and we just love having him around. He knows every single one of our animals and also a great deal about our delicious Cheshire Farm Ice Cream. Chuggy will help you discover more about The Ice Cream Farm and what out animals like to get up to.


Opening Times - The Ice Cream Farm

Venue Information

Age Interest
All ages are welcome

Guests can be Any height

Free of charge

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Opening Times
Monday-Sunday, 10.00am to dusk

Opening Times - The Ice Cream Farm

Fun Fact

Did you know that you can spot two different castles from Fudge Farm?

Fun Fact - The Ice Cream Farm

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