The Impulse Emporium - The Ice Cream Farm

The Impulse Emporium

The Impulse Emporium is a shopping experience like no other. We have created a fantasy world of intriguing shop fronts, charming books, tantalising trinkets and a magical selection of sweets that would have J.K Rowling scribbling inspiration. We all love a little momentum of a great day out, but at The Ice Cream Farm we’ve taken it to a whole other level.

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The Dreams that pocket money is made of!

Every area of The Ice Cream Farm is overflowing with excitement and the fun doesn’t stop at The Impulse Emporium. Can you find the secret train or Daisy and her friends? How many books can you see floating in the air? How many sweets can you fit in an Ice Cream Farm jar? All of these questions can be answered when you step inside this amazing shopping experience. From pocket money treasures to books to read when you get home, The Impulse Emporium is an experience all by itself!

Opening Times - The Ice Cream Farm

Venue Information

Opening Times
Monday-Sunday, 10.00am-5.00pm

Opening Times - The Ice Cream Farm

Fun Fact

Did you know books can fly? Come on in and see for yourself

Fun Fact - The Ice Cream Farm

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