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Study Break and Chill at The Ice Cream Farm

Calling all students

It’s time to escape from underneath your mountain of books and treat yourself to a well-deserved study break. What better way to chill out from your mid-term stress than with a scoop (or three) of our real dairy Cheshire ice cream?

Why settle for crystallised, freezer burnt ice cream when you can choose from over 50 flavours, including vegan and lactose free choices, from the world’s largest ice cream parlour? A short 20-minute drive from campus, you can do a round-trip during your lunch hour and still make it back with time to spare before your afternoon seminar.

Struggling with writer’s block? Studies show that spending just 30 minutes in the fresh air can improve productivity by 45%.* To improve productivity levels, Chester students can pick up a scoop of their favourite ice cream from our drive-thru before heading for a stroll in the Cheshire countryside.

We’ve teamed up with our favourite , Chester student accommodation agency, Hoots Properties, to give Hoots residents discounted site entry. 🦉

(P.s. If you’re looking for your perfect nest, get in touch with Hoots at