Daisy's Garden - The Ice Cream Farm

Daisy's Garden

Like you, Crazy Daisy loves to explore so we have created a magical garden over-flowing with hidden delights to climb, crawl, balance and swing on. Let your imagination run wild as you step into the magical flavour forest, which is filled with upside down trees in a myriad of colours all leading to the most enchanting surprise you will ever experience… a magical ice cream tree! The only one of its kind in the world, the amazing ice cream tree is overflowing with giant scoops of melting ice cream and oozes a freezing mist that parts to unveil Daisy’s Garden, a magical world of fun just behind.

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 - The Ice Cream Farm

Meet Crazy Daisy

The whole world of fun, bursting with flavour at The Ice Cream Farm has all come from Crazy Daisy’s wild imagination. Daisy just loves to have fun and wants to make sure that you can have as much of it as possible when you visit The Ice Cream Farm. Daisy likes to play with her friends all over the farm, but she really loves her magical garden, where you can find her hiding under giant toadstool and bouncing as high as she can on the trampoline.


Opening Times - The Ice Cream Farm

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All ages are welcome

Guests can be any height

Free of charge

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Opening Times
Monday-Sunday, 10.00am- 5.00pm

Opening Times - The Ice Cream Farm

Fun Fact...

The magical Ice Cream Tree has over 20 giant scoops of ice cream

Fun Fact - The Ice Cream Farm

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