Refuel at The Ice Cream Farm’s outdoor café, The Pit Stop; the perfect place to stop for a snack, cuppa or a light lunch. 

The Pit Stop’s menu changes each season, with covered al fresco picnic tables for outdoor dining whatever the weather.  

The perfect pit stop on your day out at Cheshire’s Ice Cream Farm.  

Grab a hot chocolate to enjoy as you walk around The Ice Cream Farm in winter; or take a seat and tuck into salads and kids’ sandwich boxes on a warm summer’s day.
At Pit Stop our menu is designed to be low cost, fast food with something for everyone, from picky little eaters to those with dietary preferences and intolerances. Take a look at our example menu below to give you a taste of the dishes and drinks at Pit Stop. 

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 We are open 9:30am until 6pm daily. The Drive In is open 11am-6pm daily.